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The resort is located next to a fine sandy beach, directly in front of which is an extensive coral reef with large patches of sea grass, and the magnificent Bohol Sea beyond. The white sand and tropical reef provide the opportunity for many environmentally friendly water sports.

Sea Life

Guests can enjoy snorkelling on the reef directly in front of the Resort and we also have our own kayaks for exploring the reef. For serious divers we have arrangements with a number of professional dive operators, so we can arrange diving expeditions to suit all requirements.


Superb shells can be found along the coastline and beachcombing in the early mornings and evenings can be a rewarding experience. At low tide the municipal center of Anda can be reached with a 40 minute wander.
If you are interested in reef diving, whether you are an experienced diver, or wish to become one, we can arrange for any one of three local dive operators to cater for all your needs.


“Wind surfing is increasingly popular and, unlike the ubiquitous jet ski, is far more environmentally friendly. From July to December there are many days when wind surfing is possible on the reef and beyond; we don’t have jet skis.


Swimming, or just relaxing, can make you hungry, so for your nourishment we provide a fine selection of Philippine, Asian and International cuisine which you can enjoy either in our upstairs restaurant – which has a breathtaking view of the Bohol Sea, including the mysterious, volcanic Camiguin Island – or you can choose to dine in the very relaxed Aninipot (fire-fly) Beach Bar, located in the garden right next to the beach.

When the local fishermen have a good catch they will bring the most flavorsome of the reef fish, and occasionally lobsters, to the resort for you to select.

The Aninipot Beach Bar is always welcoming and the staff are friendly. The bar is well stocked and, in addition to local and international drinks, we serve quality red, white, sparkling, and dessert wines.


The bar is popular with passing beachcombers, and local expatriates and guests from other resorts often pop in for a meal or a drink. Happy Hour is from 10:00 am to 10:30 pm. (Guests may be assured that in order to maintain the tranquility of the resort and its surroundings, the entire resort area, including the bar, is both a Karaoke and hip-hop free zone). After dark, we play  a variety of modern and traditional Jazz music at the bar.

Sometimes the sea gets a bit choppy, or the tide is low, or the sun is a little strong. That is when the swimming pool comes in handy. Our horizon pool provides a swimming area of 20 meters by 6 meters (that’s quite big) as well as a separate shallow area for kids, and a lazing area close to the bar, for bigger people.


Once the swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, boating, beachcombing, and other serious stuff has been taken care of, you can relax in the shade on the beach and watch the fishing boats and coastal ships go by, you can catch up with your reading on your personal balcony, just laze in the tropical garden, or adjourn to the Bar. The sound of the sea will always be in the background.


Nature is as bountiful on land as in the sea: Bird life is spectacular with Maya Finches, Sunbirds, Pacific Swallows and Fantails nesting in the garden, and many other species, both common and rare, regularly visit the garden and the shoreline. Herons, terns, kingfishers, and sea eagles are often seen.

Other forms of wildlife, including smiling tree frogs, lizards of all colors and sizes, a range of glorious tropical butterflies, as well as night flying creatures such as bats and spectacular fire-flies, all delight our guests (and us). All of these, as well as the tropical plants and flowers, are a treat for photographers.


We would recommend that you stay for at least few days because, apart from enjoying the sea, the food, delighting in the local displays of nature, and generally relaxing, there are things to do and places to visit.

Comfortable vehicles with safe and knowledgeable drivers, or motorbikes, can also be arranged for exploring the island. Guides can also be arranged if you wish to explore the local area and engage with the local people or learn about any aspects of the local culture. However, it is completely acceptable to just relax and do nothing at all.

The famous Chocolate Hills deserve a visit; the delightful “bug eyed monkey”, the Tarsier is an absolute must (although some of the places that display this little fellow are a disgrace); and the interior of the island which has been likened to the Balinese countryside is definitely worth a look. Places of historical interest, such as Spanish cathedrals or monuments to the wartime resistance movement, can also be visited along the way.

Chocolate Hills

The Resort can arrange all types of site-seeing trips for you with a safe car and a friendly and knowledgeable driver.

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