There are only eight rooms; five Deluxe Suites and three Standard Rooms, so it never gets crowded. All the rooms have ocean views, are air-conditioned (with fan options), and fully furnished.

The Deluxe Suites are larger, with an extensive bathroom and more modern furnishings. They also have more features, such as a refrigerator, large wardrobes, and a room-safe. Island View is a television-free zone, but Wi-Fi is available throughout the resort.

Double or twin sleeping arrangements can be provided. The rooms are designed for two adults, but up to two infants or small children can stay at no extra cost if they use the existing bedding. 

The Standard Rooms are designed for more budget conscious travelers, especially couples. They can also be provided with a double or twin beds, and an extra small bed can be provided if required.


One feature of the resort which has been consistently applauded by our guests is that we do not have television in the rooms. So, while you can easily check out what is happening on your various Wi-Fi devices, there will be no disturbance, all too familiar to regular travelers in the Philippines, from the sound of late night soap operas or cartoons coming from the adjoining rooms.


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