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The Island View Beachfront Resort is a small-scale, unpretentious, and peaceful hideaway where we strive to provide gourmet relaxation in a stunning beachfront environment, along with access to some of the best natural beauty and cultural charms that exist in the Indo-Pacific region.

The Resort is to be found in the Municipality of Anda, on the Island of Bohol in the Visayas Region of the Philippines. Anda is on the eastern side of the island, the unspoilt part, favoured by divers and lovers. We are a pleasant two-hour coastal drive from the airport and ferry terminal located in the Island's capital of Tagbilaran. There are many daily flights from Manila to Tagbilaran, and a regular ferry service from Cebu and Dumagete.

The resort is located right next to a white sandy beach beyond which is a vast coral reef perfect for snorkelling and diving. Beyond the reef is the Bohol Sea, usually mirror-still, but sometimes capable of sending wild surf crashing onto the edge of the reef. The horizon is dominated by the mysterious silhouette of volcanic Camiguin Island. At evening time the sea is splashed with colour from the setting sun and is dotted with small local fishing boats.  Inland, the impressive forest-fringed Mount Pugatin rises a short distance to the north-east. The resort itself is set in a lush, bird-crazy, tropical garden. There is a large (20m) swimming pool reserved for guests.

Most of our guests are couples - of all ages, although we do have a regular sprinkling of single travellers. Either as divers, lovers, families, or singles, our guests are drawn by the magnificent marine and tropical environment and the opportunities for diving, snorkelling, beachcombing, photography (both above and below water), and a myriad other ways of enjoying nature.

There is an upstairs restaurant and lounge area with spectacular views overlooking the reef and beyond to the mysterious, volcanic, Camiguin Island which, when it is in the mood, can be seen rising out of the Bohol Sea.

Meal times are flexible and for your nourishment you may select from our wide range of Filipino, Asian, and International cuisine. Seafood is our specialty and varies with the daily catch. There is also a good range of Bar-B-Q dishes.

Apart from the Restaurant and the Beach Bar, meals and drinks may also be enjoyed on the beach or in the guest rooms. Sipping an ice-cold cocktail on the beach while watching the stunning sun-set is a very popular way to transit from daytime to evening. Massage service is available and is just the thing after any serious day-time exertion, after a long journey, or just because you feel like a massage.

The Beach Bar serves wines, cocktails, shakes, and regular drinks, as well as snacks and meals. The daytime music is elegant Honky Tonk and when the sun goes down it is night-time nostalgia with variations on a Jazz theme.

Transfers to and from the airport or any of the ferry terminals can be easily arranged.

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